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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain a soccer goal?

While Keeper Goals products are built for longevity – all products break down in time. Here are some tips for making certain your Keeper Goal product lasts:

• Re-apply paint to bare metal spots annually to protect the goal from the elements.

• Be prepared to re-paint the goal at some point in its life span.

• Move soccer goals with wheels instead of tipping, dragging or lifting them. This helps alleviate stress on the framework and joints.

• Expect that net attachments will need to be replaced.


Are lighter goals safer?

Light goals, when tipped, can still cause serious injury. The design of the goal, and proper anchoring of the goal, plays a greater role than the weight of the goal. At Keeper Goals we develop counterbalanced goals that are difficult to tip. Goals anchored correctly dramatically improve safety – our number one concern.


Do counterbalanced goals need to be anchored?

All movable goals should be secured.


Are sand bags or weight bags enough to secure goals?

Sand bags and weights can be used but are simply not as reliable as anchoring or locking goals. In unison with the use of weights we suggest locking goals face to face or securing them to objects so that they cannot be moved.


How should we move goals?

Only adults should move goals. Wheeled goals are the easiest and safest option and help prolong the life of the goal.


Do you have full-size goals that can be transported by car or van?

No. All of our full size goals have crossbars that are a single piece; therefore the crossbar cannot be broken down. We make full size goals that are to be left on site; in doing so, we maintain the safest soccer goals possible. We do manufacture/distribute several types of small-sided goals, some of which can be easily transported. We also carry a 8' x 24' shooting goal that breaks down into 4 ft. sections. This can be easily transported. However, it is not to be used for competition.


What is the best net attachment?

No net attachment system is perfect. We believe our cable, clip attachment system is the best available. This system has two advantages over other systems. First, the clips secure to cables that remain attached to the goal; attached clips mean less daily preparation for putting up the net. Second, in this system the stress is on the cable as opposed to the net or the clips. The clips move on the cable, which also alleviates stress, thus prolonging the life of both the net and clips.


Why don't other companies use cable?

It is time-consuming to weld connectors and string cable. We feel it is worth the time to create an easier product for our customer.


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