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Windscreen For Athletic Stadiums

Windscreen for Hoyas baseball stadium with logo.  Windscreen is royal blue with green and white lettering.

See more photos of windscreen for athletic facilities >

Custom Fitted Windscreen


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When it comes to windscreen, proper sizing is critical.

We'll work with you to create a custom-fitting windscreen which looks exactly the way you want it to with our Easy 3-Step Order Process.


Too often windscreens are installed with a poor fit. Windscreens with a poor fit look terrible and detract from the look of your athletic facility, and tougher to work around when doing maintenance. Following a few standard guidelines will ensure your athletic facility will have a great looking windscreen that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functionally sound.


Easy 3 Step Order Process:

1. Specifications. Email us your sizing needs and material choice along with hi-resolution artwork, (if you'd like printing done on your windscreen).

(Note available fonts and color choices below when creating your artwork.)


2. Digital simulation. We'll send you a hi-resolution digital proof showing you exactly how it will look for your approval.

3. Installation. Quick & easy. The results speak for themselves.


(To get a quote, ask a ? or place an order call 800-594-5126 8am-5pm CST M-F and a Keeper Goals representative will help you.)


Windscreen Material Options:

Windscreen various green olors

Woven Polypropylene

  • Perfect for areas with high winds or high UV light exposure.
  • The tight weave makes for an excellent privacy screen.
  • It's the strongest windscreen available,
  • Has classic, if limited, color choices (see colors, left).
  • If you will be printing on your windscreen we recommend you choose to use vinyl-coated mesh material instead of woven polypropylene.

Windscreen colors for athletic stadiums.

Vinyl-Coated Mesh

  • Many color options available (see colors, left).
  • Custom colors also available. Call us at 800-594-5126.
  • Perfect for color-coding multi-field complexes.
  • Many custom printing options available.
  • Best material choice if you will be printing on your windscreen.


Design Options:

Font options for windscreen available in college, bookman and ariel.

Three standard fonts to choose from:

  • Arial
  • College
  • Bookman

Four Letter Heights To Choose From:

  • 24"
  • 30"
  • 36"
  • 42"

Custom windscreen for a track stadium.  Red lettering and logo on a screened windscreen with images of runners.

Custom Design Options Available:

  • Custom logos
  • Custom colors
  • Digital image printing available
  • Additional costs will apply


Contact Us With Questions, For Prices or To Order:

800-594-5126 | Email



Windscreen Photo Gallery:

Windscreen for Cedarburg High School baseballstadium.  Windscreen is black with orange and white logo and lettering.


Windscreen for a track stadium at a university.  Red lettering and logo on a screened background depicting runners.


Windscreen for baseball stadium.  Light blue windscreen with white letters and logo.


Blue windscreen surrounding tennis courts.


Windscreen for ncaa division lll  baseball


Marroon and gray windscreen for baseball and softball stadiums.


Windscreen bleacher wrap on bleachers at a baseball stadium at Cedarburg High School


Helpful hints when purchasing windscreen for athletic facilities:

1. Windscreens must be cut slightly shorter than the actual fence height
2. Choosing the appropriate material for the conditions is important. See material options section >
3. Remove & roll up your windscreen during the off-season to reduce weathering
4. Always consider wind loads -- screens placed on fencing dramatically increases the wind load regardless of the percentage of closure.
5. Discuss your needs with Keeper Goals by calling 800-594-5126 to ensure a professional looking windscreen that enhances your facility.



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