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Gym Divider Curtains & Divider Nets

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gym divider curtain.

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For a quote please email us with the following:


  1. Exact dimensions of the area you want covered.
  2. Application: What are you protecting or dividing?
  3. What is the smallest object you are trying to stop?  (ie. a soccer ball, a basketball, a hockey puck, a lacrosse ball, ect.)
  4. What type of material do you want to use? Ie. Netting, Flex Mesh, Snyder Mesh, Vinyl, Combination of Vinyl/Flex Mesh, or Vinyl/Snyder Mesh?
  5. Do you want a pocket sewn into the bottom for a chain weight?
  6. How do you want curtain to hang or retract? (Motorized Curtain or Net, Phantom Net System, Walk Draw Curtain or Net On a Pulley/Cable, Walk Draw Curtain or Net On a Steel Track, Cable With Roller, Permanently Mounted?)
  7. Any custom requests? ie. duct work, lights in the way, beams, (what type?), type of ceiling, doorways, or windows, etc.
  8. In many instances detailed drawings and digital pictures are required for a quote.

Aren't sure what's best for your facility?

Give us a call, we'll be happy to help you and answer your questions.

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Popular Types of Divider Curtains and Netting:

Indoor/Outdoor Court Divider Netting

Tennis courts often use divider netting to insure uninterrupted play.

Black and green styles for indoor/outdoor use are weather treated to withstand moisture and sunlight.

Natural white netting is for indoor application.

Netting is durable 1-3/4" square mesh #420 knotless nylon of 125-lb break strength. Double-sewn 1-1/2" reinforced vinyl-coated polyester borders. Heavy-duty brass grommets every 18" along top, standard: additional grommets may be specified. Black, green or white styles. Standard sizes are 10' or 12' heights. Lengths are custom. Custom heights available also.


Backdrop Curtains

We custom-make all types of backdrop curtains. We can provide full service from curtain design to actual installation. Standard material is available in 13 oz. and 18 oz./square yard weights of vinyl-coated polyester. Heights of curtains generally range from 9' to 12', though virtually any height is possible. Features include heat-sealed seams and reinforced hems double sewn with lock stitching. Options offered include the placement of doorways, ventilation cut-outs and divider wings.


Roll-up or Walk-draw Mounting Systems

We can design your dividers as either walk-draw or roll-ups, and we can provide the tracking and installation hardware necessary to make them work smoothly. We feature track mounting systems from Rig-I-Flex® and Be steel®, two of the industry's simplest, most serviceable and versatile systems. All track systems come with either steel or aluminum track (your choice), all necessary hardware including hanging and/ or ceiling clamps, end stops, splice clamps and carriers (one per foot).


Solid Curtains

Made of flexinet, fire retardant and solid vinyl. Will never loose its shape.


Divider Curtain and Net Photo Gallery

Futsal facility divider nets.

Phantom Net System (Also called Tension Net System)- Watch Video >


Snyder Mesh/Vinyl Divider Curtain


Tennis court divider nets for indoor tennis courts.

Indoor Tennis Court Divider Net


Ornage and white ym divider curtain

Snyder Mesh and Orange Vinyl Gym Divider Curtain


Flexinet Divider Curtain, gray and black.

Black Flexinet Divider Curtain


Blue flexinet on

Blue Flexinet Divider Net


Blue flexin

Blue Flexinet


Soccer field divider net.

Indoor Soccer Field Divider Net


Field divider nets at a futsl facility.

Futsal Facility Divider Net


Divider net curtain Helfaer Center Marquette University.

Basketball Court Divider Net


Divider netting Carmel, Indiana indoor soccer facility.

Divider Net


Custom gym divider curtains, walk-draw curtains in blue and white.

Custom Walk-Draw Curtains


Custom walk-draw curtains tied back.

Custom Walk-Draw Curtain


Barrington baseball divider curtain.

Divider Curtain - Baseball Facility


Barrington baseball blue and white divider curtain.

Divider Curtain - Baseball Facility

Divider nets at Appleton Indoor Soccer Complex

Divider Net With Yellow Doorway


Divider netting on soccer field at Barrington Indoor sports facility.

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