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Bleachers and Stadium Seating

3 row bleachers for sports field, blue bleachers.

3 Row Bleachers


5 Row Bleachers

10 row red bleachers for athletic stadium.

10 Row Bleachers

Stadium bleachers for high school football stadium.

Stadium Seating

Storage enclosure underneath the bleachers at a football stadium.

Storage Enclosures


Windscreen on a bleacher with a logo on it.

Bleacher Wraps


Custom bleachers with red seats at Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Complex in Milwaukee, WI.

Custom Bleachers


Press box at high school soccer and football field.

Press Boxes

Elevated bleacher seating.

Elevated Seating


Grandstand seating at St. Thomas University.

Grandstand Seating

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About bleacher code

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Options available on Keeper Goals bleachers.

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Options For Keeper Goals Bleachers:

Note: Many of these options are required to meet local codes – please check with your local building inspector for code requirements in your area.


Some of the most popular options include:

  • Double Footboards – 2 x 10' x .085" thick aluminum.
  • Riser – 1.75" x 9.5"x .095 thick aluminum extrusion, mill-finished or powder-coated.
  • Guardrails – 42" above seat height with galvanized chain link fence anywhere over 30" high.
  • Aisle – one-piece welded construction; adding an aisle will increase width by 4'.
  • Tip & Roll, transport kits and dolly systems available for certain units.
  • Custom engraving suitable for fundraising, recognition and identification (3/4" high block lettering). Powder-coated risers.
  • Custom length and design to fit your stadium or bleachers needs.
  • Press box available.
  • Elevated bleachers available with handicap ramps to meet codes.
  • For budget style bleachers we have angular frame bleachers.
  • Wheel chair slots

About Bleacher Code

Because codes pertaining to bleachers have tightened, insurance companies are looking at potential safety hazards when they are determining whether they will provide insurance coverage, particularly on park or school sites.


In most states old bleachers are grandfathered in, but new bleachers face stricter requirements in order to meet local codes. Though many old bleachers do not have guard rails or aisles, codes require most new bleachers to have them.


Though local codes vary, when properly assembled, our bleachers are designed to meet the structural requirements of all national building codes. However, since code interpretation and application rest solely with local authorities, it is important to consult with local code officials to determine code requirements for guard rails, risers and aisles in your area. Meeting codes is the buyer’s responsibility.


What makes Keeper Goal's bleachers better than our competitors' bleachers?

Designed to be safe, durable, comfortable and easy to assemble.

  1. Our preferred bleacher, manufactured by JW, is designed with 2" tube. We feel in the long term the 2" tube will be a better value than the typical angle frame design.
  2. The bleachers we recommend are made of 2" tube. This increases the stability of the frame, decreases the need for amount of cross braces, makes installation simpler (less bolts) and makes clean up under bleacher easier.
  3. Our seat plank wall thickness is .085. This makes our bleachers stronger and less likely to bend or wobble from people stepping on them.
  4. Anodized aluminum end caps are attached by rivets so they are less likely to be removed.
  5. Our bleachers are code friendly for IBC codes. Most of the United States has or will adopt the IBC codes.

For a quote:

Email us with the answers to the following questions to begin the quote process:

  1. How many people do you want to seat?
  2. How much room do you have (length & depth)?
  3. What codes are relevant for your area?
  4. What is your budget range?


Low Rise Bleachers

We do not recommend low rise bleachers. If you have ever sat on a low rise bleacher you know they are not comfortable. The seat-rise and run are such that it turns the bleacher into a giant stairway. This makes seating very uncomfortable for adults. Our theory is if we would not want to sit on it then we will not recommend it.


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