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Stakes, Anchors & Sandbags

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   anchor weight #ACW-28 anchor weight for soccer goal or player shelter

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      Duckbill Anchor #KGDB68 duckbill anchor

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Keeper Goals Offers a Wide Variety of Stakes, Anchors and Sandbags

We will be happy to help you sort through the options and decide on the best anchor option for your situation taking into account soil type and condition, how the goals will be used, and climate. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding what types of stakes or anchors you should use.


The American Society for Testing and Materials, (ASTM), Recommends That All Movable Goals Be  Anchored.

At Keeper Goals we understand safety is a high priority when choosing soccer goals. Our goal is to help you create a safe playing area. With this in mind we offer a multitude of options for securing your movable soccer goals and player shelters.


#M83 M-Series, #M88W, #MAL, #FAS, #SS64 LS goals comes with a set of heavy-duty 2’ steel stakes (#S100). Other stakes and anchor options are available. Please ask us if you are interested in other options. All stakes, anchors and sandbags are available for individual purchase as well.


Due to different soil conditions it is important to test stakes to insure that they are secure. Length of stakes and quantity of stakes required may vary depending on soil type. We do not recommend using sandbags unless there is no other viable option for anchoring the goals.


Keeper Goals recommends duckbill anchors as the best method to anchor movable soccer goals.

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